Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DONALD ASHWANDER - Traditional Patterns (1987)

Unlike the tag says, it was actually a dollar. But i guess in March of '98 it was five. Tongue-in-cheek burlesque music by Donald Ashwander. Some incredibly morbid lines in these songs, accompanied by very sprightly and lighthearted stride piano. I'd say there's some black humor in here... A lot of influences on this album: cabaret, ragtime, early broadway, etc. I just watched Docks of New York last night (the one by von Sternberg); some of the bar scenes in that movie stick in my head when I hear this stuff. It's got that old "pour a keg of beer over yourself and get in a couple fights before deciding to marry a girl you just fished out of the river" kind of swing to it. I wish more bars nowadays played music like this. I'd spend my money there.

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