Tuesday, February 5, 2013

El Arpa al Estilo de RITO PEDERSEN

It's  one of those afternoons where you wake up and listen to tongue-in-cheek latin-esque harp music and go "fuck you elitist pricks who scoff at the music I listen to." Sometimes I just want some latin-esque, OK? Harp sounds are just super cool, no matter what is being played on them. If the Eagles came out with a greatest hits album scored for solo harp, I'd give it a listen. Here's the thing: there are a billion CD's like this one out there. But do you own one?

Also, there are a bunch of extended harp techniques being used in pretty funny ways, and a bassoon makes a guest appearance at some point. Sorry for spoiling the surprise, but trust me, you still won't be expecting it when it comes. Can't for the life of me find the year on this album...

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